Cocktails at The Office

I was ready from some great cocktails to follow my tasty dinner at Siena Tavern. As much as I wanted to try the innovative drinks of The Aviary, reservations called for a minimum of two people. I then heard about an exclusive speakeasy in the basement of The Aviary serving fantastic hand crafted cocktails called The Office. Apparently, you’re only invited if you’ve been to The Aviary or know somebody that’s already been to The Office. Well, a local friend was able to get me a reservation for my first night in town! Thanks!

Cocktails at The Office

I gave my name to the doorman and he checked the list. I was on it! Whew! He led me inside of the entrance to The Aviary where I waited for a brief moment for somebody to walk me downstairs. I was led into a small intimate space and showed my seat at the bar. It was dimly lit. There were a total of five seats at the bar and three small tables.


I was handed a menu and the bartender went over it a bit. Cocktails were listed on the first couple pages and the rest of the pages were filled with an extensive list of different types of liquors and beer. The cocktails sounded good, but you definitely want the bartender to make you something. Just tell them what liquor and flavors you prefer and leave the rest to them!


I went with a vodka cocktail and mentioned that I would like something refreshing, but not too sweet. I received a tasty and slightly tart cocktail.

Drink #1

I sipped my drink and enjoyed the relaxing, dim ambiance.



I believe my next cocktail was made with gin. The bartender asked if I like spicy, and I said yes. I was really interested to see what this would taste like. It had quite the kick, but it was delicious. I don’t have spicy cocktails very often.

Drink #2

This was followed by a deeper tasting cocktail with earthy sweetness.

Drink #3


I was feeling fantastic after three excellent cocktails. The handwritten bill was handed to me. Prices are not bad at all considering the quality of the drinks.

The Bill

I continued to hang out and chat with the bartenders until closing. I also enjoyed a shot on the house. This was a great speakeasy experience and I am so glad I had the opportunity to enjoy a few cocktails during my first night in Chicago!


The Office (basement of The Aviary)
955 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607

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