Sushi Addicts

I LOVE sushi! There’s no surprise there. I may be addicted. Shout out to my fellow sushi addicts! I try to find the top sushi restaurant in almost every city I travel to. NYC is definitely a top contender, but I’ve been surprised by the great quality of other cities too. I even experienced my ultimate dream of enjoying sushi in Japan!

((Check out Sushi 101, what an Omakase is, and The List))

Nozawa BarHidden Gems: Nozawa Bar

Sushi DaiSushi Breakfast at Sushi Dai

2017-12-26_11-52-07-01.jpegThe Grand Omakase at O Ya

2017-04-23_01-13-08-01Kyลten Sushiko

20161124_211305-01_31111781952_oThanksgiving Dinner at Sushi Masato


20160820_203215_29107208071_oSushi Ginza Onodera

20160603_202409_26953493764_oSushi Ota


20160305_194540_25197626469_oSushi Zo


Kabuto UniBirthday Omakase at Kabuto

20151026_204318_22387470620_oNobu (Caesars Palace)

Back To TanoshiBack To Tanoshi

ShukoFrom Neta to Shuko

Yo! SushiYo! Sushi Comes to America (closed)

KuraKura: A Hidden Sushi Gem

SasabuneDinner At Sasabune

Sushi Bada 2Sushi Bada, Again

Sushi SekiSushi Seki

Tatsumi of JapanTatsumi of Japan (closed)

Homemade SushiA Homemade Sushi Dinner

Sushi BadaSushi Bada: Great Sushi Outside NYC

Sushi YasakaSushi Yasaka

Sushi SasaSushi Sasa’s Omakase

Sushi DenSushi Den

Sushi DojoSushi Dojo

Tanoshi Sushi Sake BarTanoshi Sushi Sake Bar

Seiki's SushiSeiki’s Sushi (closed)

International Sushi Day 2013International Sushi Day 2013

Sushi YasudaSushi Yasuda

Sushi ZenSushi Zen: It’s Fugu Season!

Masa Sushi & GrillMasa Sushi & Grill

MorimotoMorimoto’s Omakase

Sushi of GariBirthday Omakase at Sushi of Gari

15 East15 East

MeguMegu (closed)


Jewel BakoMother’s Day at Jewel Bako

Sushi AzabuSushi Azabu: My First Omakase

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