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37578394275_2b7778ca42_hHi, I’m Desiree and welcome to my site! I’m a Filipino-American born and raised in New Jersey. I currently reside in Bergen County, fairly close to New York City. As much as I enjoy being in the medical field, my passions for food and travel were hard to ignore. I try to make the most of the weekends and those precious vacation days whenever possible. With some convincing, I finally gave in and created a blog about food and travel.

I was bit hard by the travel bug after attending a conference in San Francisco back in 2011. It’s given me an excuse to check out other US cities and I try to use long weekends when I can to see more of this country. So far, so good!

I’m also trying to travel internationally more. My first solo trip out of the country to attend a music festival in Belgium during the summer of 2013 was an amazing experience! (Thanks, Brian!) Since then, I’ve managed to travel to other cities around the world like Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Greece and Hong Kong. I’ve come down with a serious case of wanderlust! Traveling is absolutely worth it and I’m fortunate enough to pay for all these trips, meals, and experiences.

“Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.” 😉

Napa ValleyI love food and I’m always looking for great places to eat and drink. Wannabe foodie here! Food is always on my mind and becomes a top priority when traveling to a new city or country. My palate is open to anything. I especially like Japanese cuisine and sushi. I like it so much, a section of this site is made for fellow Sushi Addicts.

I’m also a huge sports fan. I’m always down for catching a game at other stadiums, ballparks, and arenas with the local fans. Nothing better than enjoying a game with some tasty food and beer!

I truly believe in seeing as much of this world as possible. My desires to travel and seek out delicious food are steadily growing and I’m constantly thinking about where to go next and what to eat while meeting cool people along the way.

Please read about The Blog and feel free to let me know your favorite places to eat and the foods you desire most!

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