San Francisco

The trip that started it all! Sure, I’ve traveled before my conference in beautiful San Francisco, but this was the trip that really ignited my wanderlust and interest to try to travel more often. The thought of solo traveling was even more exciting. San Fran was a city of great food, fun bars, awesome nightlife, friendly people, and charming places. Not to mention gorgeous Wine Country! It was an amazing week!

DowntownHello, San Fran!

Wine CountryWine Country Perfection

Hobson's ChoiceHobson’s Packs A Punch!

Tokyo Express 2Tokyo Express: Japanese Cravings

Little Italy: North Beach Restaurant

Pier 39Oysters & Wine at Pier 39

Red Jack SaloonRed Jack Saloon: A Boston Sports Bar

Marina Bar HoppingBar Hopping in The Marina

Boudin BakeryClam Chowder at Boudin Bakery

SF ChinatownSan Francisco’s Chinatown

Hana ZenSushi Fix at Hana Zen

Scoma'sSeafood Dinner at Scoma’s

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