The first stop on this amazing Japan trip was Tokyo!

TokyoOff To Tokyo!


Robot RestaurantRobot Restaurant


Unagi LunchAn Unagi Lunch and Vegan Dessert


Asakusa Rickshaw TourAsakusa Rickshaw Tour with Ebisuya


Asakusa SnacksMatcha and Sweet Potato Snacks in Asakusa


Sensoji TempleSensoji Temple


ShibuyaShibuya Nights


UobeiUnique Eats: Uobei Sushi


Japanese Convenience StoreJapanese Convenience Stores are the Best!


Ichiran RamenUnique Eats: Ichiran Ramen




MariCarMariCar: Real-Life Mario Kart!


Tokyo CookA Vegan Japanese Cooking Class with Tokyo Cook


AkihabaraTokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town


Hedgehog cafeCheese Hedgehog Cafe


Akihabara Cat CafeAkihabara Cat Cafe


Nine Hours Capsule HotelNine Hours Capsule Hotel


Shinjuku LunchShinjuku Sushi and Tempura


Golden Gai, Part OneGolden Gai (Part 1)


For my final stretch in Japan, I went back to Tokyo and stayed in the popular shopping district and business area of Shibuya! I had a special Thanksgiving dinner at one of the world’s best restaurants and enjoyed an incredible sushi omakase for my final night.

Hakushu TeppanyakiBack to Tokyo: Hakushu Teppanyaki


DenWorld’s Best Restaurants: Den


Tonkatsu Ginza BairinTonkatsu Ginza Bairin and Uniqlo Ginza


KurosakiAn Exquisite Omakase at Kurosaki


Back to Golden GaiBack to Golden Gai


Sushi DaiLast Day in Japan: Sushi Breakfast at Sushi Dai