Japanese Convenience Stores are the Best!

I’ve heard some amazing things about Japanese Convenience Stores. I know David Chang is a big fan of their fried chicken and Anthony Bourdain approves those egg salad sandwiches. There are a few chains, but the big three are FamilyMart, 7-Eleven, and Lawson. You’ll find conbini on almost every block throughout Tokyo and most are open 24/7.


Food from a convenience store may be the last thing we think about consuming, but they are nothing like the stores in the states. The food and snacks are great quality and the value is unbeatable.

Japanese Convenience Store
Hot Items

I was excited to finally explore all the different items in a Japanese convenience store. We went to the major ones in various locations. You’ll find bento boxes, noodle bowls, buns, ice cream, hot and cold drinks, onigiri (Japanese rice ball), corn dogs, fried chicken, candy, chips, oden (hot pot), sake, and the beloved sando (sandwiches).

Salads and Noodles
Japanese Convenience Store
Instant Noodles
Japanese Convenience Store
Dried Snacks

I stopped by 7-Eleven one morning to pick up a few sandwiches. The egg salad and tonkatsu (pork cutlet) ones are especially popular. The crust is neatly cut off each one and the bread is pillowy soft.

Japanese Convenience Store
Sando Time!
Japanese Convenience Store
Egg Salad Sandwich
Japanese Convenience Store
Cheese Gratin Pringles
Variety Pack

I also tried some of the fried chicken. It was crispy, hot, and the meat was so tender. Delicious!

Japanese Convenience Store
Chicken Nuggets
Japanese Convenience Store
Fried Chicken
Japanese Convenience Store
Fried Foods
Japanese Convenience Store
Noodle Bowls

Japanese Convenience Store

Japanese Convenience Store

During the colder months, oden is offered in the stores. The one-pot dish offers various ingredients such as eggs, tofu, fish balls, daikon, and fishcakes simmering in a light, soy-flavored dashi broth.

Japanese Convenience Store
Japanese Convenience Store
Sake and Liquor

There’s a wide selection of hot and cold drinks.

Japanese Convenience Store
Milk Tea
Japanese Convenience Store

The bakery section had some unusual offerings.

Japanese Convenience Store
Flavored Bread
Spaghetti Bun
Japanese Convenience Store
Sandwiches and Hot Dogs

The sushi rolls and onigiri (Japanese rice balls) were great and made the perfect handheld quick snack on various occasions. I enjoyed a tasty spicy tuna one while riding the train one afternoon.

Japanese Convenience Store

There was a wide selection of ice cream as well. I randomly picked one and it was a nice late-night treat.

Japanese Convenience Store
Ice Cream Bar
Wafer Sandwich
Japanese Convenience Store

I had to try the spicy nuggets from Lawson.

Japanese Convenience Store
Chicken Nuggets
Red (Spicy)
Snacks On-The-Go

When it comes to Japanese convenience stores, I’m a big fan!

What are your favorite Japanese convenience store items? Reply below!

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  1. Rodney says:

    Lawson combini was my restaurant over one New Year’s holiday (when most of Japan is closed). Besides the egg salad sando, the bento and the ready to heat meals were very good. Even the instant noodles were good. Cup Noodles in Japan has no relation to it’s poor cousin in the USA with the same name. And there was an instant version of Due Italian’s ramen too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Desiree says:

      Nice!! Yea, I really miss all the good convenience store goodies!😄


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