Seafood Dinner at Scoma’s

After meeting up with a former classmate of mine at Red Jack Saloon, we headed to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner. We went to Scoma’s  located on Al Scoma Way. I heard it was a good seafood restaurant serving seafood straight off the boats. It was formerly a tiny, six-stool coffee shop serving local fisherman breakfast on Pier 47 and was bought by brothers Al and Joe Scoma back in 1965.

Scoma's Sign

We entered, gave my name, and only waited for about 15 minutes before being seated at a table. It was dimly lit and the ambiance was calm and cozy.

Scoma's Entrance

We started off with a couple appetizers. We ordered some fresh oysters and fried calamari. Typical dishes, but done simply and very well. The calamari was crispy seasoned with lemon and oregano.

Scoma's Calamari

The oysters were refreshingly sweet.

Scoma's Oysters

Scoma's Tabasco

I ordered the Grilled Wild King Salmon On Lobster Ravioli served with a saffron cream sauce. The sauce had great flavor and the grilled salmon was tender.

Scoma's Salmon

My friend and I caught up on various things over a couple glasses of wine. It was a solid seafood dinner. I’m so glad we were able to meet up for a bit.


After dinner, she headed back home and I ended up having quite the late night exploring the Castro District of San Francisco. It was my last night in this awesome city. Hope to come back soon!

47 Pier 39 Concourse #1
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 771-4383


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