Ultra Day 2 & Amnesia

I barely slept. I was okay with that. It was Day 2 of Ultra. I happily got ready and made my way towards Bayfront Park once again. I saw La Granja, a Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken restaurant, on the way. Breakfast! This casual chain serves up tasty platters for a great price. I ordered the 1/4 chicken platter with rice, black beans, plantains, and a drink. It was good and filling. At around $7, you can’t beat it!

1/4 Chicken Platter Special

The mayhem continued. The festival started at 12pm. Wear your most comfortable shoes!  I met up with Brian and we headed to the main stage to see Erick Morillo.

Erick Morillo


Wyclef Jean made an appearance.

Wyclef Jean
We meet again! Photobomb!

I seriously didn’t plan on seeing Laidback Luke several times, but I did. I didn’t mind. I like him and he always puts on an energetic set. Brian’s a big fan too.

Laidback Luke…once again!



Do They?

I was excited to see Fatboy Slim!

Fatboy Slim


Another crazy day at Ultra! The crowds were brutal. Saturday is always the busiest day of a multiday festival, and it tends to host the most popular DJs. My feet were starting to hurt, but the night was just beginning! We headed back to our hotels to get ready for round two.


I was all set and ready. A taxi brought me to Brian’s hotel in Miami Beach and we walked to Amnesia* for Sebastian Ingrosso & Friends.

*Amnesia is now Story Nightclub
Main Floor

This event was presented by Refune Records, a Swedish independent record label founded in 2003 by Sebastian Ingrosso. It included Otto Knows, Swanky Tunes and other special guests.

Otto Knows

The club was packed and it was hot. Not the good hot. It felt like the air turned off the rest of the night and there was absolutely no circulation. I’ve never experienced extreme humidity like this in a club before. No wonder it’s called Amnesia. The sound system actually cut out a few times throughout the night too. It did not seem to phase anybody and everybody continued to dance drenched in sweat.

Sebastian Ingrosso



Guys started taking their dress shirts off. Yea, it was that hot. Despite the unbearable heat, everybody was having a great time.  Alesso made an appearance and joined Sebastian Ingrosso in the booth. They played “Calling” and the place went nuts.


A few people were leaving their VIP table, maybe because it was so damn hot. The nice people did not want to waste the rest of their huge vodka bottle and handed it to me on the way out. Gracias!

Don’t take drinks from strangers

The music was pumping and the foam started falling. The suds and confetti came pouring down. With the heat and all the crap in our face, Amnesia was ruthless. It was hilarious.

Endless Suds
Hot and Soapy

Alesso and Ingrosso finished their sets. Most people left, but we stuck around and continued to dance in the confetti while Swanky Tunes came on.


We survived Amnesia! Oh man, what a night! We walked around South Beach to grab a late night snack and I headed back to the hotel around 5am. Bed.

Holy Confetti!

La Granja
127 SE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 416-4142

Story Nightclub
136 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-2424

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