Dinner & Drinks in South Beach

It was Monday and I was in need of some serious recuperation. Beach day! I tried my best to shake off the week’s worth of mayhem and headed to Brian’s hotel. We headed to South Beach for some sun and relaxation.

South Beach

It was a gorgeous sunny day. After a chore of buying water that was not in a glass bottle, we looked for a spot on the massive white sand beach.


The clear blue water and soft white sand was just what I needed. We laid down and I took a much needed nap. Zonked! After a few hours under the sun, Brian had to meet up with a friend and I ended up meeting my pal from Italy again for some drinks. I needed something cold, very cold.


Wet Willie’s was the perfect way too cool off. The casual bar offers a variety of booze-filled frozen drinks. Try their classic flavors or mix up a few flavors. Use caution, these boozy drinks pack a punch.

Wet Willie’s

I tried a mix of a few flavors including Attitude Improvement – an orange tangy concoction of grain alcohol, vodka, and Bacardi Light and Dark rums; Call A Cab – the grain house specialty made with grain alcohol and rum; Sex on the Beach – made with raspberry, peach, cranapple, and vodka. There were a whole lot of flavors going on, but it was not too sweet thankfully. It was pretty strong!

Choose Your Poison

We sat at a table, sipped on our frozen drinks, and did some South Beach people watching.


You can expect your tongue and mouth to turn the color of whatever you’re drinking by the way.


After drinks, we decided to have dinner. Only a block away was Larios on the Beach, a Cuban restaurant owned by Gloria & Emilio Estefan. We sat at one of the tables lined along Ocean Drive.



For a drink, I had a margarita. For dinner, I ordered the Ropa Vieja (shredded beef) with a side of white rice and crispy green plantains.

Dinner and Margaritas

The Ropa Vieja was good. I mixed some of it and the flavorful sauce with the rice.

Ropa Vieja
Ropa Vieja over Rice

It was a wonderful day at South Beach. The beautiful beach, strong frozen drinks, and a Cuban dinner with a couple new friends was a great way to spend my last day in Miami. I headed back to the hotel. There was no partying tonight. I actually thought about it, but it was the beginning of Spring Break shenanigans and I was exhausted.


Wet Willie’s
760 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 532-5650

Larios On The Beach
820 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 532-9577

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