Organic Tofu House

Another family favorite would have to be the Tofu House in Ridgewood. This cozy eatery offers spicy tofu soups, dumplings and other traditional Korean dishes. I’ve been here several times and enjoyed every meal. The food is tasty and consistent.

Spicy or Very Spicy?

I especially like coming here on those cold winter nights or rainy days. Once you’re seated, they serve you a glass of tea. They supposedly use alkaline water for the tea and food. The substance may contribute to health benefits like increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism.


They serve you a few small dishes of kimchi, bean sprouts, salad, and fish cake. The fish cake is my favorite. The banchan may vary from time to time.

Kimchi, Bean Sprouts, Fish Cake

One of our favorite appetizers is the kimchi and vegetable fried pancake. It’s crispy and served hot and filled with kimchi and various veggies. It’s not too spicy and served with a scallion soy sauce for dipping.

Kimchi Pancake


Another dish we always order are marinated prime beef short ribs. Simply known as Galbi or Kalbi, the slices of beef are very tender and juicy. They’re served sizzling hot over a bed a sliced onions.


There’s a variety of tofu soups to choose from including beef, seafood, cheese, mushroom, kimchi, and chicken. I usually get the pork soft tofu…spicy.


Spicy Pork Soft Tofu


Vegetable Bibimbap
Salmon Bibimbap
Don’t forget the egg


Organic Tofu House
88 Godwin Ave # 3
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
(201) 251-7734

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