La Banquise: Late Night Poutine

We definitely made the most of our last night in Montreal. I actually didn’t mind that our flight was cancelled. After some amazing cocktails and a Montreal strip club experience, it was time for some late night grub.


I looked up any places that were still open. It was well past 2am. A suggestion for the 24-hour diner, La Banquise, came up. We got an Uber and headed straight there.


This place is known for their wide variety of poutine. Ah yes, poutine. I still felt like I hadn’t had a proper poutine fix yet, so this worked out perfectly…and poutine is so much better late at night! Well, it’s good anytime, but truly satisfies those late night munchies.


We ordered a couple of beers and browsed the menu. There were lots of choices! Over 28 varieties. They also serve breakfast poutine during the early morning hours.


I finally decided and went with La Chicks. Poutine topped with a breaded chicken cutlet. I’m a sucker for breaded chicken. It’s one of my favorite foods, always has been. A chicken cutlet sandwich, chicken fingers, nuggets, chicken katsu, a Chik-Fil-A meal…love it.

La Chicks

We also tried the La Matty which was topped with bacon, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

La Banquise

It doesn’t take long for these huge mounds of poutine to come to our table and we dug right in. After a late night of drinking, it really hits the spot. It was one of those meals that you eat so fast and with a couple bites left, you realized you ate way too fast and can’t finish it. You really want to, but can’t. Stuffed!

img_3789_18615809005_oSo for those late night munchies, try some of the different poutines offered at La Banquise. Be sure to have cash on you, they only accept Canadian credit cards so we had to use their ATM…twice. Oops.

Fully satisfied, we returned back to our hotel. Back to Jersey in the morning. I loved Montreal. The food scene was awesome and I cannot wait to go back.

La Banquise
994 Rue Rachel East
Montréal, QC H2J 2J3, Canada
+1 514-525-2415

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