El Mercado

At the end of our Missions Tour, we made a brief stop at El Mercado, also known as Market Square. It is an outdoor plaza spanning three blocks lined with specialty shops, restaurants, and produce stands. It is the largest Mexican market in the U.S.


One of the places to check out is Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery. We didn’t have time to eat at the restaurant, but we made sure to get some goodies from the bakery!



You can grab a drink at the Marachi Bar.

img_4601_18980642026_oEverything in the bakery looked really good. Get in line, wait your turn, and order away! Oh, and this place is open 24 hours too. Nice!

img_4597_19009601981_oI decided to get some sweet and savory empanadas…

img_4598_18818879108_oIn addition to the Guava Empanada, I also tried the Manzana (Apple) and Sweet Potato. Yum!



You can find small shops and stands inside selling lots of neat and unique items.



Be sure to check out El Mercado. The shops are worth browsing and try some of those pastries and empanadas.


El Mercado (Market Square)
514 W Commerce Street
San Antonio, TX 78207
(210) 207-8600

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