Newport Storm Brewery

We arrived at the Newport Storm Brewery. We actually attempted to walk there, but grabbing a ride there since it’s located off the highway is highly recommended. We looked forward to trying some local beers. They also offered a rum tasting. Sure!


Interior WallThey offer guided tours daily at 1pm and 3pm. We went for the 3pm tour and had some time to hang out at the tasting bar before it began.

Tasting Bar

They offered 6 different beers that day. You’re allowed up to four tastings.

Trying the Beers

Tell the friendly bartender which beer you want to try and they’ll check it off your beer tasting card. They did not mark mine at all and I was able to try all of them! They weren’t very strict about it.

Tasting Card


It was almost 3pm and one of the workers gathered us by the brewery entrance. With newly filled glasses, we were ready to begin the tour.Tour 1

Tour 2Our tour guide was nice and funny. He talked about how the company began and how they ended up where they are now. Tour 4

Tour 3

Tour CheersHe went over some of the equipment in the brewery and the process of making beer. He was also very clever in answering any questions we threw at him.

Tour 6

Tour 7

Tour 8

The tour was short, sweet, and straight forward. It was back to the tasting bar for those rums! Thomas Tew Rum is also produced here by the Newport Distilling Company.

Rum Bottles

There were 3 tasting. You get to taste their signature rum, as long as two other rum tastings only available at the distillery.

Rum Tasting Card

The first tasting was the white rum right off the still. It was super strong! There wasn’t much taste, just that raw grain alcohol taste. We were good after a couple sips. Whew!

White Rum

The second tasting was the unproofed rum right out of the barrel. A bit more aromatic but still had a very strong taste. It was 108 proof. Yikes.

Barrel Rum

The third and final tasting was the fully finished product, their signature single barrel rum. Now that was pretty good!


We enjoyed the tastings and tour at the Newport Storm Brewery. The Irish Red turned out to be our favorite beer of the day. The rum tasting was good, but different. I only recommend it if you’re a big fan of rum. It was around 4:30pm and we headed back to the hotel to see if our room was ready.

Newport Storm Brewery
293 JT Connell Hwy
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 849-5232

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