Easton’s Beach Snack Bar

If you go to a waterfront town such as Newport, you have to enjoy the variety of seafood it has to offer. I love a good lobster roll and I was not leaving Newport without trying the best. The only problem was that all of the restaurants in town offered a pretty pricey lobster roll. I don’t mind paying up for a good quality lobster roll, but I was determined to find a better value elsewhere.

Easton Beach 1
Easton Beach
Easton Beach 2
Patio View

I did some research and found Easton’s Beach Snack Bar. A small snack counter located at Easton’s Beach on 175 Memorial Blvd. Off to the beach!

Easton Beach Snack Bar Sign

They offer Twin Lobster Rolls and Twin Clam Rolls with fries for a great price! Yes, you get two lobster rolls with fries for around $15 or two whole bellied clam rolls with fries for around $13. Can’t beat it!

Snack Bar View

I grabbed a seat at one of the few tables on the outdoor deck overlooking the beach.

Easton Porch

We came at the perfect time. About 5 minutes later a whole bunch of people showed up and and the line formed out onto the deck.

Snack Bar LineAfter a short wait, he came out with all our food. I told him to order one each of the clam rolls and the lobster rolls since they come with two and we’ll split it. Well, he ended up ordering two orders of the lobster rolls and one order of the clam rolls. Oh well, more lobster for us!

Our Order
Time to Eat!

The lobster was simply dressed with some mayo and lettuce. I prefer as little mayo or dressing as possible.

Lobster Rolls
Twin Lobster Rolls

The lobster is put in a lightly toasted buttered New England-style rolls. The rolls weren’t huge, but you do get two, so it was a filling meal.

New England-Style Roll

The clam rolls were good too. The clams were hot and crispy.

Clam Rolls
Clam Rolls

Clam Rolls 2

I was getting pretty full since we had the two orders of the lobster rolls, but we picked the clams out of the roll and enjoyed them by themselves.

Luch Rolls

Lunch was a success. It was so nice to see the beach as well. We walked around for a bit while we waited for our Uber to take us back to town to see some mansions.

Easton Beach 3

I’m sure there are some great lobster rolls in town, but you can’t beat the beach location and value of Easton’s Beach Snack Bar. Try their rolls, other seafood offerings, and maybe a couple of churros.

Beach Walkway

Easton Beach Snack Bar
175 Memorial Blvd
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 855-1910

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