Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

After a fabulous seafood happy hour at Legal, my sister and I wanted something sweet. I mentioned that there was a Max Brenner inside the mall and we decided to try it.

Dessert at Max Brenner

You go up to the counter, order your chocolate goodies, and take a number to any table and the food is served once it’s ready. In addition to the milkshakes and chocolate desserts, they also serve savory foods like salads and sandwiches.

The employees seemed to be mostly high school students. They seemed mostly distracted and we were waiting at the counter for a few minutes before anybody came to take our order. Okay, no big deal.

Order Number

I decided to try the White Chocolate Green Tea Choctail made with white chocolate ganache, matcha green tea and soy milk. I’m actually not a big fan of white chocolate because it can be way too sweet, but I love green tea and it sounded interesting.

White Chocolate Green Tea

It’s served warm and it was pretty good. The white chocolate was not too sweet. The green tea powder helped cut the sweetness. We really liked the cup it was served in which is available for purchase.

Cute Mug

We ordered the Classic European Fondue for Two. You pick two out of three chocolates for your towers. We went with dark and milk chocolate, and it also comes with a toffee tower. At around $23, it comes with bananas, strawberries, cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate sponge cake.


After about 20 minutes, there was no sign of our fondue. It was not very busy and we thought maybe they are still “making” some of the components. After more than half an hour, I went to the counter and asked about our fondue. They totally forgot about it! It then took about 5 minutes to put it together since everything is already premade and somebody finally brought it to our table. The enthusiasm of these workers was non-existent, it was slightly depressing.

Cake and Marshmallows
Bananas and Strawberries

It was pretty annoying how long it took, but we didn’t complain and tried to enjoy it. The cookies that were in the description were never included. I didn’t even bother asking for them. Our fire went out and it was replaced. It happens.

Three Types of Fondue
Almost There

The chocolate was nothing special and the toffee was sweeter, almost like caramel. We enjoyed the fondue experience, but it really wasn’t anything special. The marshmallows and strawberries were probably the best part. The sponge cake was pretty dry.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

So if you’re really craving some chocolate, Max Brenner may be the place to go to, but the slow service and lack of effort among the employees makes the whole experience worth skipping. I have no desire in coming back. If I ever do, I’ll get it to go!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Westfield Garden State Plaza
1 Garden State Plaza Blvd #2320
Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 845-5500

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