While wandering the historic center of Athens, we spotted one cool looking bar! The display of hundreds of colorful bottles caught my eye. Brettos is actually the oldest distillery in Athens.



Since 1909, not much has changed at the old-fashioned distillery. It still operates as a bar in a small and very charming space. It serves visitors ouzo, brandy, beer, and more than 36 different flavors of liqueur – none of them are available at any other liquor or grocery stores.


The small space had a few small tables and several seats at the bar. It was packed, but we managed to snag a couple seats after standing around for a bit. We enjoyed a couple beers and they also sold a few handmade Cuban cigars. Sure, why not?


Brettos was a cool spot to hang out for a bit. I loved the decor and it was very laid back. I really wish I tried their unique offerings. I would definitely include this in your list of bars to check out in Athens!


41, Kidathineon Street
105 58 Athens

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