Zaxos Grill

During our Athens tour, we made a pit stop at Zaxos Grill for lunch. This casual restaurant in Vouliagmeni serves some very good Greek food.

Lunch at Zaxos Grill

In addition to all the historical sites we just saw in Athens, huge piles of gyro meat has to be one of the best sites as well!

Naxos Grill
Vertical Broilers

It was a warm day and a couple cool Fix beers hit the spot.

Fix Beer

We sat at one of the outdoor tables and were greeted by a couple adorable kittens.


You can’t beat a classic which is why we ordered a Greek salad almost every place we ate. That huge chunk of feta over tomatoes, bell peppers, and red onions is just too good!

Greek Salad

The gyros were simple and tasty. Zaxos Grill ended up being a surprisingly good lunch  outside the city. Time to continue the tour!


Zaxos Grill
Ermou 1
Vouliagmeni 16671
+30 210 8960352

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