Chili Dogs On Fremont

I had to set aside a night for Fremont Street. The huge light canopy, live music, and classic casinos make this are worth checking out.

Fremont Street
Light Canopy
Vegas Vic
A Million Dollars

I wanted a quick bite before my ride time on SlotZilla. I passed by American Coney Island Chili Dogs and decided to try it. I recognized the place since the original in Detroit has been featured on television several times.

Quick Bite at American Coney Island

The small casual eatery offered their classic hot dogs in a small space with a few tables. Prices were good too.

Flat Top Grill
Dining Room

The hot dog is topped with onions, mustard, and a simple yet flavorful chili. It was really good. I was tempted to order another one, but had to head to the zip line soon.

Chili Dogs On Fremont
Classic Chili Dog

I’m glad I stopped in for a bite. I can see why this place has become so famous. Simple and tasty reasonably priced hot dogs – good stuff!

American Coney Island Chili Dogs
301 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 388-2120

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