Founding Farmers

If I manage to wake up early enough, I’ll seek a place for a great breakfast. I heard good things about Founding Farmers and decided to go there one morning before catching the train back home. Once I arrived, there were people waiting outside. I made my way through the crowd inside and got in line to give my name. It was a 45 minute wait. The bar is first come, first serve. As soon as I left the hostess stand, a couple seats opened up at the bar.


I took a seat and ordered a mimosa to sip on while I went over the menu.



I also ordered a coconut green tea. I drink a cup of green tea almost everyday and I had to try this one. It didn’t come out for a little while, but the mild coconut flavor was a nice touch.

Coconut Green Tea

I was debating on what to order. Everything sounded great. I decided to get the Hangover Hash – chili, hash browns, pimento cheese, cheddar, two eggs, and your choice of bread. I went with the grilled buttered ciabatta.

Hangover Hash

It was good. It made for a hearty heavier breakfast. The chili was pretty thin and runny, but I liked the smoky and spicy flavors of it. It was a satisfying breakfast dish.


I witnessed many people around the bar ordering their breakfast cocktails. So instead of ordering another boring mimosa, I tried the Farm Daisy – made with their house gin, green chartreuse, lemon, and lemongrass. Refreshing.

Farm Daisy

For a solid breakfast and morning cocktails, head to Founding Farmers. There’s always a wait, but keep a lookout for an opening at the bar. Enjoy!

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 822-8783

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