Rappahannock Oyster Bar

One of the more popular foods at Union Market are the variety of fresh oysters served up at the Rappahannock Oyster Bar.

Oyster Bar

You’ll find an oyster bar as well as a long communal table behind it. First come, first serve. If was completely full the couple times I came around, but after awhile I obtained a seat at the counter.

Oyster Bar Seating

I was handed a menu within a couple minutes. It all sounded great. I ordered a Small Platter to start. I went with the Rappahannock River and Olde Salt oysters. The types of oysters differ from time to time.



It wasn’t very long until the beautiful platter appeared in front of me.  There were the 3 Rappahannock River oysters on the right, the Olde Salts on the left, and the 2 top neck clams on the top. It’s all served with cocktail sauce, extra horseradish, and a mignonette.

Small Platter

The Olde Salts were refreshing, salty, and slightly briny.

Olde Salt Oysters

The Rappahannocks were a bit sweeter. I really liked both.

Rappahannock Oysters

The top neck clams were sweet and delicious.

Raw Top Neck Clams

I still had some time before I had to go to Union Station. I wanted to try their Grilled Oysters as well. I ordered two to try. They were Rappahannock River oysters.

Grilled Oysters

They were served with an amazing smoked jalapeno compound butter.

Jalapeno Butter

I put some of the butter on top of the slightly warm grilled oyster and slurped it up. Yum! It was smokey and the butter gave it some richness. It was not too spicy.


If you’re a huge fan of oysters like myself. You definitely want to grab a seat at the Rappahannock Oyster bar! This is a must-try at the Union Market.

Rappahannock Oyster Bar
Union Market
1309 5th Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 544-4702

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