Noble Experiment

Inside The Neighborhood eatery, you’ll find a small dark speakeasy tucked away in the back. Noble Experiment serves classic and revamped versions of craft cocktails. Reservations are highly recommended and only accepted via text.

Inside ‘The Neighborhood’

Once inside The Neighborhood, head to the back towards the bathrooms and you’ll see the entrance – a tall stack of kegs.

Hidden Entrance

Push open the wall of kegs and you’re immediately greeted by the glowing red sign and hostess stand. I gave my name for our reservation and we waited a couple minutes while she stepped inside to check.


We were led to a small table at the far end of the room. I asked for a couple seats at the bar when I made the reservation, but it seems like we could only able be accommodated at a table since the bar was full. What a bummer. I really enjoy sitting at the bar watching the bartenders/mixologists make the cocktails. Not to mention the table was very tiny. Oh well.

The Room

The room is dimly lit with a few tables against a wall lined entirely with skulls.

Skull Wall

A chandelier was placed in the center of a few old school paintings and portraits glowing from above. On each wall, there’s a digital painting that rotates some creepy pictures.


The menu lists a few well-known cocktails. They make a classic version and a modern one. They sounded really good, but we went with the Dealer’s Choice and had them make us something based on our preferences.


I went with vodka and something refreshing. The cocktail was refreshing indeed. It was slightly sweet with hints of citrus.

Dealer’s Choice

The place was full and the space is intimate, so expect to rub elbows and literally bump into a few new friends.

Bar Area

For the second round, my friend went with the modern Margarita, La Guapa. It’s a spicy version of the classic.

Spicy Margarita

I went with the Dealer’s Choice again. This time a gin cocktail and not too sweet.

Gin Cocktail

The cocktails were really good and priced around $14-$15 each. Not too bad for the high quality spirits. Service could have bee much better. Our server was a bit distracted by her friends. I also would have preferred the bar since so many people were bumping into our tiny table, but thankfully our drinks didn’t spill. The music was good and loud ranging from classic 80’s rock to hip-hop.


So if you want a tasty handcrafted cocktail in a really cool intimate setting, check out Noble Experiment. Shoot them a text and wait for them to get back to you.

Noble Experiment (inside The Neighborhood)
777 G Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 888-4713

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