Eva’s Original Chimneys

After visiting the CN Tower, I walked back towards my hotel and noticed some food vendors outside Union Station. Apparently various food vendors set up shop at the Plaza on Front Street during the summer. The outdoor market is open from June until September.

Union Summer Outdoor Market

One particular vendor caught my attention. I’ve always wanted to try this treat. The doughnut cones from Eva’s Original Chimneys have been all over social media and I finally had a chance to try it!

Eva’s Original Chimneys

The story of how these unique cones arrived here starts with Eva herself, who was born and raised in Budapest. She left Hungary and came to Canada with her husband and two children. She always reminisced about home and shared stories with her grandchildren. She talked about enjoying delicious Kürtoskalács (Chimney Cakes) on special occasions. Eva’s grandson and his wife decided that they had to bring that tasty piece of Hungary back to Canada.

Doughnut Cones

The chimney cones are freshly baked in an open rotisserie grill. You can watch them being made. Each cone receives a nice coating of cinnamon and sugar.


I went with the Original where the freshly made cone is filled with real cream soft serve and a strawberry garnish. Very simple, yet super delicious. The soft serve was very creamy and fresh. The sugar gave a nice crunch to the cone, but it was still soft on the inside. There’s a little surprise at the bottom of the cone as well.

The Original

Eva’s Chimney Cones made for a nice treat on a warm summer day. They even have a vegan option where you can swap the soft serve for coconut whipped cream. A new location will be coming to Bloor Street West in Februaury 2017. Check their website for more info.

Real Cream Soft Serve

Eva’s Original Chimneys
Union Outdoor Summer Market
Union Station, 65 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario

454 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
(Coming Soon)

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