CN Tower

After breakfast (and lunch) at St. Lawrence Market, I made my way to the CN Tower. The Fan Expo also happen to be going on that weekend and made for a very interesting walk to the tower.

Fan Expo

The CN Tower is located right next to Rodgers Centre. I really wanted to see a Blue Jays game, but they were away that weekend. Next time!

Next to Rodgers Centre
CN Tower

Once I made it though the doors, the huge line of people was clear. No surprise since it was a holiday weekend. I quickly bought my ticket online using my phone since I didn’t feel like waiting in the ticket line. The general admission ticket with SkyPod cost $47.


Once I was past that line, there was yet another long line for the elevators. Ugh, I wasn’t sure if it was really worth it at this point, but figured I would check it out since I already bought a ticket. I was actually extremely tempted to do the EdgeWalk and there was no line in sight for that, but at $225 I figured I’d save it for another time.

Going Up!

After at least half an hour, I finally made it to the high speed elevator. We were quickly taken up to the LookOut level which offers a view from 1,136 feet above.

Billy Bishop Airport



The view was cool, but wow it was crowded. Everywhere you walked, it was tough not to bump into a few people. I thought I would only stay for a few more minutes before heading back down. I actually bought admission to the SkyPod as well, but the line was way too long.


I made my way to the glass floor where I encountered more crowds. This was apparently the very first glass floor experience. Many other attractions have one now, including the Willis Tower in Chicago. I actually liked the Skydeck there better since you’re entirely surrounded by the glass.




Above the Aquarium
Outer Deck


After walking around for a bit longer, it was time to head back down. Oh and look, another long line for the elevators! I was more than ready to leave the crowds. The views were nice, but I personally didn’t feel like it was worth all the waiting and the price was twice as much as the Willis Tower. If it’s not too busy, then go ahead and check out the CN Tower or maybe go at a later hour.


CN Tower
301 Front Street W
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T6
+1 416-868-6937
– Open 364 Days, closed Christmas Day
– 9am – 10:30pm

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