Lunch and Relaxation at King Spa

I had a day off from work and my sister was home from the Philippines, so my mom thought it would be nice to spend some time at King Spa in Palisades Park, NJ. I’ve only been to a Korean spa once before in Queens. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

King Spa Day

The 24-hour spa offers a variety of services including massages, relaxation rooms, a fitness center, and those butt naked body scrubs (so clean!). We mainly went to enjoy the different types of saunas and to eat lunch of course. Because what’s better than coming out of a sauna all hot and sweaty just to consume some spicy food?

Sauna Time!

The food court serves some tasty and authentic Korean dishes and specialties.We grabbed a table and looked over the menu complete with pictures and a description. The spa may be open 24 hours, but the kitchen is closed from 1am-7am. The last order must be placed by 12:30am.


They also serve fruit smoothies made with crushed ice, fresh fruit, Korean-style yogurt, and sugar syrup. They were great after lying in the hot saunas for a few hours. My sister enjoyed the banana and I had watermelon.

Lunch Set

I ordered the Jaeyook Bokeum which consists of thin slices of marinated pork loin stir-fried with a red chili pepper paste called gochujang.

Spicy Pork
Jaeyook Bokeum

Every dish came with various side dishes (banchan), rice, and soup.

Need a Bigger Table


My mom had the traditional Korean whole chicken soup, Samgyetang. The chicken is stuffed with ginseng, sweet rice, garlic, chestnut, and jujube (Korean date).



We shared an order of mandoo – Korean dumplings filled with tofu, meat, and vegetables.


My sister had a vegan version of the Bibimbap with no egg or ground beef. Various vegetables like bellflower, squash, bean sprouts, carrots, lettuce, watercress, and sesame seeds were served with a side of steamed rice and a spicy red pepper sauce.

Veggie Bibimbap
Mix It Up

We were plenty full and it was time to sweat. For the next couple hours, we relaxed in a variety of hot and cold saunas. It wasn’t long before we were back in the food court. We had a snack of baked boiled eggs.

Baked Eggs


We might as well have something sweet while we’re here. We ordered the Patbingsu. The shaved ice dessert was topped with sliced bananas, kiwi, orange wedges, condensed milk, sweet bean paste, strawberry syrup, and a maraschino cherry.

Korean Shaved Ice

King Spa
321 Commercial Ave
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
(201) 947-9955
– Open 24 hours daily

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