Thip Samai: The Best Pad Thai

Sometimes you wonder if a particular dish or restaurant is really worth the hype. One of the most popular Thai dishes is Pad Thai. Afterall, it is the national dish. The classic noodle dish can be found everywhere in Bangkok.

Thip Samai

I really wanted to find a place that made it extremely well. The dish definitely differs from place to place. I remember seeing Thip Samai on television multiple times. After further research, it does come up quite a bit when looking for great pad thai in the city. We had to give it a try!


This unassuming roadside restaurant supposedly serves up the best pad thai in Bangkok. It also happen to be one of our stops during our tuk tuk food tour. After trying it, we were convinced that it was quite amazing!

Dining Room

We enjoyed the noodles here so much, that we made sure to return one last time before my sister had to catch her flight back home. She couldn’t get enough of their Vegetable Pad Thai.

We’re Back!

Oh and don’t forget to order their famous orange juice! Pad thai and orange juice? Yes, it makes for a wonderful combination here! I seriously wished we ordered a few more bottles of it. It was that good!

So Good
Delicious Orange Juice

I had the Original Pad Thai. It’s all served with a plate of fresh bean sprouts, lime wedges, and scallions. The noodles they use are a bit thinner than the ones mostly used for the dish. It’s also a hint sweeter than most, but a few sprinkles of chili powder can help tame the sweetness if necessary.

Classic Version
Don’t Forget the Chili Powder

The perfectly cooked noodles dressed with veggies, egg, bean sprouts, eggs, lime, and chili powder – it was another delicious meal! I can’t say it’s the best, but it’s damn tasty and served fast. It was one of the best compared to the several we’ve had throughout our trip.

The Best Pad Thai

So if you’re in Bangkok, be sure to check out Thip Samai. They open at 5pm until about 2am, so you can satisfy those late-night pad thai cravings. There’s almost always a line, but it moves quickly. You can also arrive at opening for a better chance to avoid the line. There are many places to get great pad thai, but this place is worth a visit.

Line Forming

Thip Samai
313 Maha Chai Road
Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon
Bangkok, 10200, Thailand
5pm – 2am
Closed Mondays

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