Hidden Gems: Areesaa Lote Dee


Not too far from the bustling backpacker’s area of Khao San Road, you can find a small hole-in-the-wall eatery serving tasty Thai-Muslim dishes at very reasonable prices. That place is Areesaa Lote Dee อาอีซะฮ์ รสดี.

Areesaa Lote Dee

Located near my hotel, I walked down Rambuttri Road and tried to find the entrance using a few pictures from other blogs. I made it around the corner and spotted the familiar looking entrance.


This unassuming spot serves up some of the tastiest food in town. Grab a stool and order away. The food comes out fast and the prices are cheap.

Dining Room

They’re known for their Khao Mok Gai. The Thai-Muslim dish consists of spiced steamed chicken and yellow curry rice. Very simple, yet extremely flavorful. It’s like the Thai version of a biryani. So of course, that’s exactly what I ordered.

Khao Mok Gai

I have to say it was excellent. The chicken was fall-off-the-bone tender. The rice was cooked perfectly and had a lot of flavor. It was all served with a tasty herbaceous green sauce for dipping and a few pieces of cucumber. So glad I managed to find this place.

Halal Chicken

I savored my food while watching the food being prepared right in front of me. Nothing fancy here, just amazing Thai comfort dishes here. In addition to the chicken they also have beef, noodle soups, spring rolls, and meat skewers.

The Rice

I also ordered a Thai iced tea of course. At first, they gave me one with lemon. I prefer the one with condensed milk. They didn’t quite understand me at first, but they eventually gave me one with condensed milk. It went nicely with the curry rice and spiced chicken.

Thai Iced Tea

The food is savory and comforting. The service is fast and straight forward. Don’t expect much of anything else. There’s no need to mess with things, just try the dishes as intended.

Curry Rice

If you’re looking for a cheap and filling meal, this is your place. Just walk east towards the end of Tani Road and keep an eye out for the red sign with white letters. There’s a noodle stand at the entrance. On Google Maps, it comes up as Aesah Rotdee Restaurant. It was a solid meal. I only wish I had a chance to try some of their other dishes.

Good Stuff

Areesaa Lote Dee อาอีซะฮ์ รสดี
178 Tanee Road
Bangkok 10200, Thailand

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