Lunch at Saltie Girl

Back in Boston yet again! Although I’ve been to this city several times, this was the first time I was truly able to check out a handful of restaurants and bars as I pleased. After the shortest flight ever and checking in to my hotel, I was ready for some grub. I made my way to Saltie Girl for lunch and cocktails. This charming little restaurant serves up a variety of raw, canned, and fried seafood, as well as fresh and smoked fish.

Lunch at Saltie Girl

It was early Friday afternoon before work let out and I was able to grab a seat in the middle of the counter that spans the majority of the cozy space. There are a few booths as well. My server, Lehena, was super friendly and helpful with the menu. Everything sounded really good.


In addition to food, I had to sip on a drink or two. I ordered the Grapefruit cocktail made with vodka, elderflower, aperol, and lemon. Cool, fresh, and tasty.

Bar Area

As tempting as the large dishes were, I decided to try a couple smaller dishes. I ordered the Snow Crab Toast. A thick hearty slice of toast is topped with perfectly sliced avocado, pistachios, stracciatella cheese, and plenty of snow crab.

Snow Crab Toast

This was avocado toast brought to a whole nother level! It was delicious! The creamy avocado, crunchy bits of pistachio, and mounds of fresh snow crab were a delightful combination.

Lots of Crab

I also looked over the seafood bar menu. Lehena briefly went over the types of oysters and Bluefin Tuna they were offering. I was tempted yet again with the toro from Spain, but I had a sushi dinner lined up later that night. I went with a half dozen oysters, half were Bristol Bay and the other half Spinney Creek.

Seafood Bar Selection

The oysters were extremely fresh and served with grated horseradish, cocktail sauce, and their housemade mignonette and hot sauce. So good!

Yummy Oysters
Fresh Horseradish

The place started to fill up quickly. I was just about finished, but wanted to try one more cocktail. The Pineapple is listed as a drink for two, but I asked Lehena if she could make a single serving. She glady obliged.

Full House

It was tasty and not too sweet, made with Elyx vodka, lemongrass, yuzu, and citrus soda. Another solid cocktail.


Once you’re finished with your meal, you get a cool little towelette to clean your hands.

Instant Wet Towel
Oyster Bar

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at Saltie Girl. I really liked the relaxed ambiance and intimate counter where you can watch the dishes and cocktails being prepared. Service was excellent and Lehena was so welcoming. I only tried a tiny bit of their offerings and would love to return for the other dishes I’ve heard so much about, like their Saltie Girl Burger and Fried Lobster & Waffles. You better believe I’ll be back!

Saltie Girl
281 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 267-0691


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