La Barbecue

It was a cool Saturday afternoon and the light rain had stopped. It was time to go out for  lunch. It was time for more barbecue! This time I headed to the other top-rated BBQ joint in town, La Barbecue, located in the Aztec Food Trailer Park. I already experienced Franklin the day before, and now it was time to check out the barbecue food trailer opened by LeAnn Mueller in 2012.

Lunch at La Barbecue

You can expect a wait here too, but it’s not nearly as long as Franklin’s. In fact, you can skip the line and place a pre-order which can be picked up from the small trailer next to the main one. This was a huge plus! There’s no weight minimum and it must be placed 5 days in advance. Easy enough.

The Line
Order Window

While you’re waiting in line, you can help yourself to some complimentary beer. Very nice.

Free Beer!

There’s a nice outdoor area with plenty of picnic tables to enjoy your meal. Each table has a few sauces to enjoy with your meal. I waited a few minutes while they prepared my pre-order and took a seat under one of the covered tables.

Picnic Tables
Got a Spot


My pre-order was wrapped up and put in a plastic bag ready to go. I stopped by the main window and asked for a tray, no problemo. It was time to unwrap the goodies. I ordered the pork ribs, sausage, brisket, and a beef rib. For sides, I went with a serving of the chipotle slaw and potato salad.

The Spread

The homemade sausage was great. I actually liked it more than Franklin’s. It was juicy and flavorful. It sort of reminded me of a larger, slightly leaner version of the Filipino pork sausage, longanisa. Yum!


The beef rib was huge! It was excellent and fell off the bone.

Beef Rib

The sides were pretty good. I liked the slightly spicy kick of the chipotle slaw. But again, you come to these barbecue places for the glorious meat!

Meat and Sides

The brisket was yummy. I ordered it moist. It was soft and tender. I can’t say it was as good as Franklin’s, but it was still really damn good.


The pork ribs were excellent. This was another item I liked more than Franklin’s. The rub was not as heavy with the pepper. It was just right.

Chipotle Slaw and Pork Ribs

My barbecue lunch was superb. Service was great. Even though it was a cloudy cool day, I enjoyed the outdoor seating area. I can only imagine how nice it is on a sunny day.

The food was incredible. I was so happy I could just pick up my pre-order and skip the line. The brisket was solid and the beef rib was yummy. The pork ribs and sausage were awesome. If you don’t feel like waiting hours for fabulous barbecue, La Barbecue is a must-try!


La Barbecue
1906 E Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 605-9696


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