The Most Unique Bars on the Planet

Nothing beats a good cocktail at a great bar. There are certain bars that immerse you within amazing surroundings you’ll never forget. These truly unique bars are beautiful, fun, weird, and far from ordinary. Get ready for the buzz of a lifetime!


Alux Restaurant Lounge – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

An underground secret lair? Sort of. The Alux Restaurant Lounge is built within a cave more than 10,000 years old. Head to the bar for classic drinks, as well as exotic Mayan cocktails. There’s nothing quite like drinking inside a mysterious cave.


OZONE Bar – Hong Kong, China

Sipping on a cocktail while admiring nice city views is a great way to spend the night. The OZONE Bar located on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong is the highest bar in the world. It offers signature cocktails, music, and Asian tapas in an unforgettable setting amidst the clouds.


The Carousel Bar & Lounge – New Orleans, Louisiana

This is not the merry-go-round from your childhood, it is so much better. The Carousel Bar & Lounge provides a fun and nostalgic drinking experience where guests can enjoy cocktails at a circular bar that actually revolves like the classic ride.


The Ice Bar – Quebec City, Canada

For those cool enough to brave the cold, The Ice Bar is a winter wonderland. It’s located inside Hôtel de Glace, the first and only true ice hotel in North America. Bundle up and enjoy extra cold cocktails served in gorgeous ice glasses.


Subsix – Niyama, Maldives

Hopping onto a speedboat or jet ski is the only way to enjoy a drink at this underwater bar in the middle of paradise. Subsix, part of the Per Aquum resorts in the Maldives, is the place to dive into your favorite cocktail while gazing at exotic fish and stunning corals.


Baobab Tree Bar – Modjadjiskloof, South Africa

This may be the coolest treehouse ever. The Baobab Tree Bar can be found inside the largest Baobab tree in the world. Visitors can grab a drink inside the hollow space that’s over 6,000 years old. In addition to serving up to 15 lucky guests, the magnificent tree is home to many animals and birds.

Anonymous Bar – Prague, Czech Republic

The owner of Anonymous Bar happens to be a huge V for Vendetta fan. The theme of the place becomes clear when you order your drink from a Guy Fawkes mask-wearing mixologist. You’ll find a menu of interesting concoctions prepared in very unique ways. You may even have to search deeper for a few of their specialty cocktails.


Silfra Restaurant & Bar – Selfoss, Iceland

If you’re looking to drink in a beautiful tranquil setting, it doesn’t get much better than the Silfra Restaurant & Bar located at the luxurious Ion Adventure Hotel. The extra high glass walls provide the perfect opportunity to witness the incredible natural light display of Aurora Borealis.


Dinner in the Sky – Athens, Greece

Dinner in the Sky serves one unforgettable experience. Food and drinks are enjoyed at a dining table suspended up to 150ft. in the air. If you don’t happen to snag a ticket for the dinner, you can opt for a few late night drinks with the cocktail tasting menu. It’s served with plenty of lights and music while floating high above the ground. This exhilarating dining experience can be found in various cities around the world.


Madame Claude – Berlin, Germany
Ever feel a bit disoriented after one too many cocktails? It actually isn’t you in this case. Located in a former brothel in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Madame Claude is modeled after an upside down apartment. With furniture hanging from the ceiling, it’s sure to get very interesting after a few drinks.

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