A Peabody Cocktail and Rendezvous Ribs

Several hours have already passed since I arrived in Memphis. It was midday and I took a short stroll to the Peabody Hotel. The historic hotel is home to the world famous Peabody Duck March and a few great dining options.

Peabody Hotel

Located within the charming Grand Lobby of the hotel is The Lobby Bar. I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to see the beautiful hotel while enjoying a drink.

Grand Lobby
The Lobby Bar

All the cocktails sounded good. I was drawn to one particular cocktail – The Peabody Signature Jack Daniel’s Peach Sour. It’s made with Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel whiskey, peach schnapps, peach puree, and fresh lemon juice. The Tennessee whiskey played a vital role in the arrival of ducks at The Peabody in 1933, and today is the most popular whiskey at the “South’s Grand Hotel”.


It was a tasty cocktail and very smooth, garnished with a couple cherries and a candied peach wedge. I loved the little duck stir stick. It was definitely peachy, but not obnoxiously sweet. It made a nice apéritif.

Jack Daniel’s Peach Sour

After a drink, it was time to head out for dinner. One of the most popular restaurants in town was across the street from The Peabody, Charlie Vergos Rendezvous. Since 1948, the Vergos family has been serving their signature dry rub ribs in a basement located in an alley in downtown Memphis.

Since 1948

I made my way downstairs and grabbed a seat at the bar.

Bar Area

I sat next to a couple of guys who were in town for business. They were nice enough to chat with me and share their pitcher of IPA beer. Thanks! I went with the Small Order of ribs. It’s half a rack and comes with coleslaw and beaked beans.

Small Order

The ribs were unlike any that I’ve had before. It’s all about that Memphis dry rub when you come here. They weren’t the most tender ribs I’ve had, they didn’t fall of the bone, but they were definitely unique and still pretty tasty. The dry rub was not overbearing and they probably could have even used more. The slaw and beans were nothing special, but it all made a satisfying meal with the cold refreshing beer.

Signature Dry Rub Ribs

I continued to chat with my fellow Rendezvous patrons for a bit and drank more beer. I finished the ribs and I was full. If you’re looking for the best ribs around, don’t expect that here, but stop by to enjoy a historic spot and try some one-of-a-kind ribs. The vibe was very laid back, service was prompt, and everybody was friendly. The night was still young, so I made my way back to my hotel to get ready for the rest of the evening.


The Lobby Bar
Peabody Hotel Grand Lobby
149 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 529-4000

Charlie Vergos Rendezvous
52 S 2nd Street
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 523-2746

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