SEAK Southeast Asian Kitchen

After a relaxing few hours at SoJo Spa Club, we worked up an appetite and headed across the street for an early dinner. I heard about SEAK Southeast Asian Kitchen opening up in the beginning of August and thought we should give it a try. Boy, am I glad we did!

Lunch at SEAK

Located within the corner of the Edgewater Marketplace strip mall, the new restaurant serves Vietnamese and Thai inspired cuisine. When you enter, you see the small bar and then the bright open dining room with wood-top tables and metal chairs.

Dining Area

We were seated in the back with a view of the New York City skyline. There are a few tables outside as well.  In addition to lots of water to hydrate us from those hot saunas, we also tried the Thai Iced Tea and fresh Limeade. Much needed and very refreshing.

Thai Tea and Limeade

The menu had a great selection. Our server was really nice and helpful. Since my sister is vegan and she happen to be vegetarian, she was very accommodating and gave her their vegan menu which also sounded great.

We started with the Fresh Mango and Avocado Summer Rolls. They were excellent.

Summer Rolls

The light and refreshing rolls were filled with slices of avocado, ripe mango, carrots, a spring mix, and vermicelli noodles. The dipping sauce had fish sauce, so she gave my sister a different sauce.

Fresh Mango and Avocado

We also tried the Banh Mi Frites. The hot and crispy twice fried waffle fries were topped with pickled daikon and carrot, caramelized pork crumble, cilantro, and a sriracha aioli. Yum! Like a Vietnamese version of loaded fries, it was a satisfying and unique mix of flavors.

Banh Mi Frites

They have a selection of Artisanal Banh Mi, all made with a fresh baked artisan baguette and pickled daikon, carrot, cucumber, cilantro, Kerrygold butter, and jalapeno.

Artisanal Banh Mi

I went with the Heritage Pork with five-spiced pork belly, lemongrass pork shoulder, and Japanese sriracha aioli. It was really good. I liked the salty savory pork belly with the sour pickled veggies and spicy jalapenos.

Heritage Pork

We couldn’t skip the Scallops in a Sizzling Hot Plate. They sounded so good and they were!

Sizzling Plate Scallops

The large sea scallops and snow peas were served sizzling hot with a tasty chili and soya sauce.

Large Sea Scallops

My sister enjoyed her Tom Yum with Vegetables. It had tomatoes, mushrooms, and tofu. The base of this Thai soup usually includes lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, tomato, and various spices.

Tom Yum

We were given a couple types of chili paste and a hot sauce to try with our dishes. They were all great. The green one was the spiciest.

Chili Paste and Hot Sauce

The Pad See Ew was another winner. We tried the one with tofu. The flat rice noodles were cooked perfectly and thoroughly coated with the soya bean sauce.

Tofu Pad See Ew

We really enjoyed our dinner here. The food was wonderful. Every dish was super tasty. The service was incredible. This is one of the few places that I had trouble ordering because everything sounded so good. I can’t wait to come back to try their other dishes!


SEAK Southeast Asian Kitchen
725 River Road, Unit #30
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 402-3400

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