A Beyond Burger Night

My (vegan) sister has been looking forward to trying The Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat for quite a while. One day, we finally went to Whole Foods to buy the plant-based burger patties, buns, fries, and a couple other burger essentials.

Beyond Burgers

Was this the ultimate vegan burger? Could the Beyond Burger truly satisfy a meat-eater? We were about to find out! Red onions, tomatoes, and butter lettuce were the toppings of choice.

Red Onion

We also baked a bag of fries. You can’t have a burger without fries!


My sister made a vegan version of “secret sauce” with relish and vegan mayo.

“Secret” Sauce

We went with sesame buns and toasted them a bit on the stove top grill.

Sesame Buns

To my surprise, the Beyond Burger patties actually looked like ground beef…or some type of mashed meat. The main ingredient is actually pea protein isolate. Beet juice extract provides the color.

Meaty Texture
Stove Top Grillin’

Solid grill marks were achieved on the stove top grill. They were looking really good.

Lookin’ Good

The toppings were sliced and ready. We bought tasty Bread & Butter pickles by Grillo’s Pickles as well.

Bread & Butter Pickles

My sister bought vegan cheese, but I went with a slice of real cheddar cheese. So close, I know.


How did it taste? It was actually pretty good! The patty was moist and held up well. The sauce, cheese, and butter pickles made it even better. I don’t know if this could ever replace the real thing, but it could definitely make a healthier alternative from time to time. Not bad, not bad.


Purchased at Whole Foods
300 Bergen Town Center
Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 226-1244

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