Brunch at Tavern

Sunday in Nashville meant it was time for brunch! I looked at a few places serving up yummy-looking brunch dishes and cocktails. I decided to check out Tavern in midtown.

Brunch at Tavern

The place was busy and it’s walk-ins only, but I had no problem spotting an empty seat towards the end of the bar.


One of the best things about brunch at Tavern is their 2-for-1 drink special.

On Tap

I’m not crazy about Bloody Marys, but I decided to give the Cucumber Mary a try. Made with their house-infused cucumber vodka and spicy Bloody Mary mix, it was a great morning pick-me-up with a kick.

Cucumber Mary

All their brunch dishes sounded great. I finally decided to go with the Benedict Three – a couple English muffins topped with pit ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise.

Breakfast Is Served

The generous slices of pit ham set this eggs benedict a part from the usuals.

Benedict Three

I kept hearing about the White Trash Hash, so I ordered a side of it. It was two scoops of cheesy potato goodness. Don’t forget to have some with whatever you’re having.

White Trash Hash

I enjoyed the Blood Orange Mimosa made with Thatcher’s Blood Orange Liqueur and Cava. I used the 2-for-1 token on this drink.

Blood Orange Mimosa

I had a fabulous brunch at Tavern. The place was hoppin’ and the food was great. Service was prompt and friendly. The 2-for-1 cocktails were an added bonus. It’s easy to see why it’s one of Nashville’s top brunch spots.


1904 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 320-8580

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