Australia Dairy Company

I was heading to Macau and wanted to eat breakfast before catching the ferry. I already had the chance to try Kam Wah Cafe, so now I wanted to check out Australia Dairy Company in the Jordan neighborhood of Hong Kong. Named by the owner who worked on an Australian farm in the 1940s, it’s one of the oldest cafes in Hong Kong.

Australia Dairy Company
Jordan, Hong Kong

The popular Hong Kong style cafe is famous for their scrambled eggs, toast, macaroni soups, and steamed milk puddings. When I arrived, there was a decent line outside.

The Line

The line kept growing, but it was moving steadily.

Australia Dairy Company
Popular Spot
Milk Puddings

I was inside in no time and was shown to an open seat at a tiny table with a few other diners. Known as cha chaan teng, these bustling eateries offer an affordable menu of comfort food and Hong Kong-style Western cuisine with fast no-nonsense service. This is a place where you’re expected to just eat, pay, and leave.

Cha Chaan Teng

Once you sit, get ready to order. I ordered a cold Milk Tea first. Delicious and refreshing. I rank these up there with my other favorite Asian drinks – Thai iced tea and Vietnamese coffee.

Australia Dairy Company
Cold Milk Tea

The place was busy and loud. The waiters were running around maneuvering effortlessly around the tables to deliver the nonstop orders.

Australia Dairy Company
Always Busy

Of course I was going to try their most popular items.

Australia Dairy Company

I started off with a Macaroni Soup with Ham. The hearty simple soup is a breakfast staple and childhood favorite of many locals. The plump noodles and luncheon meat ham strips in a warm broth is a total comfort food thing.

Australia Dairy Company
Macaroni Soup
Hong Kong Style Cafe

Good thing the waiters were quick to clear plates and cups because I needed the room for the other dishes I ordered. I tried the Scrambled Eggs with Toast. The eggs were super soft and buttery. The toast was thick and buttered. So basic, but really good.

Scrambled Eggs

Across the table I watched as a man poured milk into an endless array of white bowls and placed them in the steamers.

Steaming the Milk

Of course I couldn’t leave without trying their famous steamed milk pudding.

Australia Dairy Company
Table 15

They offer white milk puddings and yellow egg puddings. You can order them hot or cold. Many refer to them as custards as well.

Australia Dairy Company

I ordered the cold Milk Pudding. It was silky smooth with a hint of sweetness. I was pretty full at this point and there was no way I was gonna finish it, but glad I tried a few spoonfuls.

Australia Dairy Company
Steamed Milk Pudding

I signaled one of the servers quickly passing by for the check. I took the piece of paper, got up, and went to the cashier to pay. Another person instantly took my seat.

Australia Dairy Company

I enjoyed my simple and comforting breakfast at Australia Dairy Company. The crazy hectic atmosphere was pretty exciting to me. Not to mention the great price for a beverage and three dishes. It’s a dining experience one must have while in Hong Kong.

Off to catch a ferry to Macau!

Australia Dairy Company
Fresh Milk

Australia Dairy Company
47 Parkes Street
Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2730-1356

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