Dim Sum at Imperial Court


After wandering around the MGM for a bit, it was time for lunch. Fanny made a reservation at Imperial Court located inside the hotel.

Imperial Court
MGM Macau

The restaurant features Cantonese fare and serves authentic dishes with a modern twist. I was immediately drawn to the middle of the resaturant where a column with a carving of a dragon shined.

Imperial Court
Imperial Court

We were seated at a large table draped with a white tablecloth and decorated with colorful plates and chopstick rests.

Imperial Court
Colorful Plates
Spoon and Chopsticks

We started off with some hot tea and a plate of assorted fruit.

Imperial Court
Assorted Fruit

It was time to enjoy some dim sum. We tried a few small plates, like the steamed rice rolls with scallops.

Imperial Court
Scallop Rice Rolls

Served along with the handcrafted dumplings were soy sauce, a housemade XO sauce, and chili oil.

Sauces and Chili Oil

Fanny insisted on getting the steamed Chicken Feet with a homemade sauce. I was down for that. Tasty!

Imperial Court
Chicken Feet

The steamed pork dumplings with shrimp, Yunnan ham, and spinach were so pretty.

Ham and Spinach

I also tried something different – steamed chicken, fish maw, ham, and mushrooms wrapped in bean curd skin. It definitely had some interesting textures going on.

Imperial Court
Bean Curd Skin

She also had the crispy fried Taro Dumplings with assorted seafood and topped with caviar.

Taro Dumplings

The steamed Nanxiang pork dumplings were great.

Imperial Court
Pork Dumplings

Our dim sum lunch at Imperial Court was really good. We had the whole day ahead of us and there was quite a bit Fanny wanted to show me. Check, please!

Imperial Court

Imperial Court
MGM Macau
Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen
NAPE, Macau
(853) 8802-2361

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