Ozone: The Highest Bar in the World

I was so glad I had the chance to dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong for my final night. Now it was time to enjoy a cocktail at Ozone.

The Ritz-Carlton

Located on the 118th floor of The Ritz-Carlton, it’s considered the highest bar in the world.

118th Floor

The magical blue hues surround you once you’re inside. I took a seat at the marble bar.

Highest Bar In The World

The drink menu offers classic cocktails, beer, liquor, mocktails, wine, and mixologist creations. They also serve oysters, Asian tapas, sushi, and desserts.


I had the Dragon’s Back made with Belvedere vodka, raspberry, elderflower, lime, and topped with basil yuzu foam.

Dragon’s Back




My time in Hong Kong flew by. It was time to call it a night and go back to the hotel. I could not wait to go to Japan the next day!


The Ritz-Carlton
Level 118, International Commerce Centre (ICC)
1 Austin Road West
Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2263-2270

Author: Desiree

Desired Tastes is a Food and Travel Blog written by Desiree, a food enthusiast from New Jersey who just wants to see the world and eat good food.

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