Asakusa Rickshaw Tour with Ebisuya

After enjoying a tasty eel lunch, we took the subway to Asakusa. Asakusa is a district in Taitō, Tokyo. We saw several rickshaws being pulled around the streets. We asked where the starting point was and decided to do Ebisuya’s one hour Rickshaw Tour of Asakusa.

Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
We’re Off!

Our knowledgeable guide was fantastic and had to be a amazing shape! He pulled us along the lovely streets of Asakusa pointing things out and providing lots of information.


This neighborhood really gives you a feel of old-school Tokyo with its traditional streets filled with stalls, little restaurants, and authentic souvenir shops.

Shopping Streets
Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Photo Op
Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Orange Street

Asakusa Rickshaw Tour


We rode through the Geisha area and saw their houses.

Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Geisha Neighborhood
Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Geisha House
Ikenami Shotaro Memorial

We stopped by Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple.

Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple


Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Kangi Jizo Statues
Purification Fountain
Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Rinse Both Hands
Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Guardian Lion Dog
Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Buddhist Temple
Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Clap Twice

Asakusa Rickshaw Tour


Asakusa Rickshaw Tour


Our guide always offered to take pictures. We took a couple pics with the Tokyo Tower behind us.

Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Tokyo Tower



It was getting dark and we continued to ride through several streets.

Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Cute Streets
Asakusa Rickshaw Tour
Spot the Kabuki Actors


Asakusa Rickshaw Tour


The hour flew by. We were dropped off and given a couple goodies to keep as souvenirs. We really enjoyed riding the rickshaw. If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s a really nice and unique way to see it. We decided to try some matcha snacks and stop by a couple stores our guide pointed out to us before exploring more of Asakusa.



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