Touring Kyoto with a Local Guide

It was our second day in Kyoto and we had a full-day tour planned with a local guide. I booked a private guide with Tours By Locals.

We started the day off with a Japanese-style breakfast at the hotel.

Our guide Yoshiro greeted us at our hotel and went over the itinerary. It was a 9-hour tour with stops at some of Kyoto’s most popular attractions.

We began with a stroll through several streets and Kyoto’s most famous geisha district, Gion.

We stopped by Ryoanji Temple which is known for its rock garden.

Our next stop was the Fushimi Inari Shrine famous for its beautiful array of vibrant orange torii gates.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

We stopped by various specialty stores along the way. For lunch, Yoshiro showed us several options and asked what we were in the mood for. We ended up going to a restaurant offering a variety of lunch sets.

We went to Kiyomizudera Temple which had a spectacular panoramic view from the stage of the main hall. The Fall foliage was gorgeous.

We walked and walked…and walked some more. Seriously, my sister and I were very impressed with Yoshiro’s fitness level! There was a lot of ground to cover and so much to see.

Our last few stops included various shops along the historic streets of Higashiyama and the famous lanterns of Yasaka Shrine.

Our private tour of Kyoto with Yoshiro was excellent. Talk about a jam-packed day! He showed us so many places and shared a ton of information with us. He also offered to take pictures which I always appreciate. It was a nice insightful way of seeing the city. Thank you, Yoshiro!

Tours By Locals
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