Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum


One of the main reasons for going to Hiroshima was to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

Located near my hotel, the large park is dedicated to the legacy of Hiroshima as the first city in the world to suffer a nuclear attack. There are several memorial monuments devoted to the memories of the bomb’s victims. Within the park is the A-Bomb Dome which was one of the few structures left standing after the bombing. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the A-Bomb Dome is a critical link to Hiroshima’s unique past.

The Peace Memorial Museum is nearby and surveys the history of Hiroshima leading up to the attack. It relays the devastation and suffering of the event and reminds us to never take peace for granted.

I had all types of emotions walking through the park and museum. It was upsetting and just very sad. But with the sadness there was also hope, hope for the elimination of nuclear weapons and an optimistic vision for world peace.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
1-2 Nakajimacho, Naka-ku,
Hiroshima 730-0811 Japan

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
1-2 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku
Hiroshima 730-0811 Japan

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