Daiki Suisan Sushi-Go-Round

It was my final night in Osaka and for dinner I stopped by Daiki Suisan, a kaiten-zushi restaurant where plates of sushi on a large rotating conveyor belt wind around the restaurant so diners can grab them as they please.

Daiki Suisan Dotombori

I enjoyed a really cool “sushi train” restaurant while I was in Tokyo, but this was a more traditional sushi-go-round place.



There was a wide selection of sushi and hot foods passing by. I tried a few plates of seared salmon, tuna nigiri, grilled squid, and a tuna roll.

Daiki Suisan
Tuna Nigiri
Daiki Suisan



Daiki Suisan
Salmon with Mayo


Daiki Suisan
Tuna Roll


Daiki Suisan
Grilled Squid


Once you’re full and satisfied, somebody comes by and counts your plates which are priced by color.

Daiki Suisan


The sushi was good and the price was even better. Dotonbori was very much alive and busy when I left the restaurant.


I was heading back to Tokyo the following afternoon. I only had a few more days left in Japan!


Daiki Suisan Sushi
1-7-24 Dotombori Chuo-ku
Shikairo Dotombori Building 1F
Osaka 542-0077, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
+81 6-6214-1055

Author: Desiree

Desired Tastes is a Food and Travel Blog written by Desiree, a food enthusiast from New Jersey who just wants to see the world and eat good food.

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