Friends of ASAPROSAR

Orientation at the clinic and the first day of eye surgeries went well. Here are more pics from the following few days of the ASAPROSAR Eye Campaign in Santa Ana. Overall, the operating room team performed 129 surgeries in 6 days!

We happen to be down there during Super Bowl LII, so the women were nice enough to bring dinner to our hotel so we could watch the game. Thank you!

In addition to being a great learning experience, it felt so good to help others. Many people say once you do mission, you’re hooked for life. I can understand why! It really was such a wonderful and fulfilling experience!

It was hard work and long days, but the 6 days of surgery went by fairly quickly. It was all well worth it! A huge thank you to the wonderful people I worked with. Such an amazing team of volunteers!

It was our final day at the clinic. After completing the last few surgeries, it was time to clean up and pack everything.

We would spend the next couple days in San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital. There were activities planned for our two free days. I was exhausted, but I was really looking forward to seeing more of the country and visiting the Volcano Park and relaxing at the beach!

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