Lost Spirits Distillery Tour

After our wonderful Italian dinner, we walked around the block for our tour of Lost Spirits Distillery where they’re doing some very interesting things with rums and whiskies. Set deep within an LA warehouse jungle only accessible by river and equipped with a legendary lab, it may be the most unique distillery on the planet!

The distillery is not open to the public and you must make a reservation online. Openings are limited to a maximum of 12 people. I reserved a spot for me and my friend at least a month in advance. The tour along with tastings is $37.

We checked in and waited a bit for the others to show up. We were given a brief history of the distillery, the people behind it, and their signature creations. Soon after, it was time to start the tour in a dark and mysterious tasting bar.

The tour just started, but it was already really cool. It was unlike any facility I’ve ever been to. The entire facility was engineered and built by the five working partners without the use of contractors or outside labor too. It was time for a brief boat ride. A boat? Yes. A river in a distillery? Yep!

The people behind Lost Spirits strive to make the impossible possible. They invent new techniques, break rules, and defy traditions. In just a few days, they produce spirits that taste like they’ve been aged for decades.

After another tasting, we made our way to the merry-go-round to gain access to another room. First a boat ride and now a merry-go-round? It was like an adult fun house.

A room with a large table was waiting for us with a couple more tastings. We tried a couple of their Abomination whiskeys. I enjoyed the heavily peated malts with their deep smoke and woody notes.

It was fun to walk around such an unusual distillery. The guys were so nice and the tastings were interesting. We enjoyed our tour of the unique Lost Spirits Distillery. Afterwards we went back to the apartment. I went out for a couple more drinks before calling it a night. We had another Devils game to attend in Anaheim the next day!

Lost Spirits Distillery
1235 E 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 505-2425

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