Devils Road Games: Honda Center

After breakfast, we took an Uber to Anaheim to see the New Jersey Devils play the Anaheim Ducks. But before heading to Honda Center, we stopped by JT Schmid’s Restaurant & Brewery just across the street from the arena for a couple beers and a margarita.

It was nice to sit outside surrounded by fellow Devils fans. After a few drinks, we walked on over to Honda Center to see our boys warmup once again!

Once again we had a couple great lower level seats where the Devils shoot twice. I had to purchase a puck to add to my NHL arenas puck collection. I also had to get the old school Mighty Ducks logo sticker. That is the movie that ignited my love of hockey after all.

Unfortunately, the Devils lost this one 4-2. We still had fun and after the game we walked across the street and spotted a small cart where a woman was cooking bacon-wrapped hot dogs with onions and peppers. We couldn’t resist.

After inhaling those tasty bacon-wrapped hot dogs, it was time to get a ride back to our downtown Los Angeles apartment. My friend was heading to San Jose the next morning, but I was staying in LA an extra night before meeting him there. I was looking forward to seeing more of LA the next day.

JT Schmid’s Restaurant & Brewery
2610 E Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 634-9200

Honda Center
2695 E Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 704-2400

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