Iconic Eats: Primanti Brothers and Prantl’s Bakery

For my final day in Pittsburgh, I enjoyed a baseball game and a couple iconic eats! I have nothing against trying a city’s most popular and famous dishes, especially if it’s your first time visiting. Located near my hotel in Market Square was Primanti Brothers. I’ve seen the Pittsburgh-born sandwiches on television a few times and couldn’t wait to finally have one!

I walked right over and arrived as they were opening at 10am. Primanti’s for breakfast? Sounds good! I took a seat at the bar and looked over the menu.

It seemed like a good time to order a local beer as well. I went with an I.C. Light, a light lager brewed by Pittsburgh Brewing Company. Yea, just keeping it “light”.

Back to the sandwiches. I went with the Capicola & Cheese. With your choice of meat,  the signature sandwiches are then topped with provolone, fresh cut-fries, housemade cole slaw, and tomatoes all piled between thick slices of fresh Italian bread. He suggested adding an egg, so I did. Cue the sounds and smells of the flat top!

After a bit, the sandwich appeared in front of me with only a piece of parchment paper underneath. Definitely need extra napkins for this one!

It was huge. The fries were hot. The bread was soft. The vinegar-based cole slaw was tangy. The provolone melted nicely. It was really good and absolutely hit the spot! Add a few dashes of Red Devil hot sauce…even better!

I was sure I wouldn’t finish it, but I had no problem devouring the entire sandwich. Best breakfast ever! I’m glad I finally had the chance to stop by Primanti Bros. Sitting in a low-key super casual atmosphere enjoying a cold beer and hearty sandwich is just what I needed that morning. I’m a fan!

Primanti Bros.

Also located near Market Square is Prantl’s Bakery. I may not be a sweets person, but when a bunch of locals suggest getting their famous Burnt Almond Torte, you gotta take their advice!

Another tip I received is that you can get the Travel Torte Bar which is a smaller handheld version of their famous Burnt Almond Torte cake. Perfect!

I ordered one Torte Bar and brought it outside to enjoy at one of the small tables scattered around Market Square. Oh my goodness, it was delicious! The moist cake coated with white icing and crunchy toasted sliced almonds was filled with a yummy almond custard. It was rich, but not overly sweet.

After enjoying another iconic food, it was time to walk towards the ballpark. I still had some time to enjoy a few beers before the game and eventually another iconic dish before catching my flight!

Primanti Brothers
Market Square
2 Market Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 261-1599

Prantl’s Bakey
438 Market Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 471-6861

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