Portland, Maine Craft Breweries

Portland’s craft beer scene is booming. The US city with the most craft breweries may be Portland, Oregon. But the US city with the most craft breweries per capita goes to Portland, Maine. On average, a new brewery opens every month in the state of Maine. There were a bunch a great breweries that I could walk to or located within a 15-minute drive of downtown Portland. I was able to check out seven of them.

Portland Breweries

One of the oldest and best breweries in Maine is the Allagash Brewing Company. The Belgian-style beers are widely available across the country. The flagship White, their very first beer brewed in Maine, is still one of their most popular beers. The property has a tasting room, outdoor area with a food truck serving amazing lobster rolls, and free tours of the brewery. (50 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103, 207-878-5385, website)

After Allagash I walked over to Definitive Brewing Company next door. Opened in May, it’s the latest addition to the craft beer hub of the Industrial Way business park. I tried 5oz pours of their Definitive Ale IPA, Insensitive DDH IPA, and Fallstreak IPA. Oh yes, lovin’ the IPA overload! (35 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103, 207-536-1288, website)

My third and last stop of this brewery hopping session of Industrial Way was Foundation Brewing Company. Using classic styles as an inspiration for brewing unique brews. I tried the Epiphany IPA, Magnus Sour Red Ale, the Rocket Science IPA made with fruit and spices, and the Zuuring Sour Farmhouse Ale. They were definitely different and I liked that. (1 Industrial Way #5, Portland, ME 04103, 207-370-8187, website)

Another day after having lunch, I briefly stopped by Liquid Riot Bottling Company on the waterfront of Portland’s Old Port. The brewery/distillery/restaurant pays homage to history, circa 1855, to those who fought for their right to drink what and when they wanted in Chicago’s Lager Beer Riot and the Portland Rum Riot. You can choose any four 4oz beer pours for a $12 flight. They also have housemade spirits. (250 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101, 207-221-8889, website)

Skipping ahead to my final day in Portland, I was able to visit 3 more breweries before heading to the airport. My first stop was Bissell Brother Brewing Company. Their single room taproom is the biggest in Maine and it’s become one of my favorite breweries. No flights here and they only serve at least 12oz pours, but that’s okay because I absolutely loved their IPAs! (4 Thompson’s Point #108, Portland, ME 04102, website)

My next stop was Lone Pine Brewing Company. The small tasting room had a few tables and a couple couches and I ended up meeting a nice couple killing time before heading to the airport as well. I got a “ski flight” of their four beers on tap for only $8 and 3 out of 4 were IPAs. I was in craft beer heaven with Portland’s IPA-heavy breweries! (219 Anderson Street, Portland, ME 04101, 207-536-4952, website)

The seventh and final brewery I had a chance to visit in Portland was Goodfire Brewing Company. Located in the back of the same complex as Lone Pine, they serve full 12oz pours for $6 and 6oz half pours for $3. I was feeling pretty damn good from all those IPAs, so I just tried a couple half pours. (219 Anderson Street, Suite 6, Portland, ME 04101, 207-808-8910, website)

Portland’s craft beer scene did not disappoint one bit! If you love beer, Maine is a must-visit destination. I would like to check out different breweries the next time I visit, but would not mind returning to a couple either. Cheers, Portland!

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