Lisbon Nights: Wine, Beer, and Fado

After a nice Michelin-starred dinner, I met up with Hugo, another local guide I found on Withlocals. He brought me to a few bars in Bairro Alto where we sipped wine, drank beers, and listened to authentic fado – a type of Portuguese singing that is renowned for its expressive and profoundly melancholic character.

Our first stop was a small bar where we were able to squeeze into the last vacant spot near the entrance. Hugo handed me a glass of wine and then it was time to watch and listen.

Fado Bar

Simply comprised of a solo singer (fadista), an acoustic guitar, and a pear-shaped Portuguese fado guitar, the distinct emotional style of music was hauntingly beautiful.

There are short breaks throughout the performance. We stepped outside to finish our wine, then it was off to the next bar.

The next spot was Tasca do Chico, a cozy traditional bar that was packed with people. It’s a popular spot to get a true taste of the Portuguese music culture. Numerous photos of both amateur and professional singers cover the walls.

We made our way to the bar to order a couple beers. The flaming chorizo looked really good, but I just grabbed my beer and looked for a spot to stand.

It was a male singer this time. The bar features “Fado Vadio” live on Monday and Wednesday nights where fado is sang by non professionals.

I really enjoyed listening to fado. It’s something you have to experience while visiting Lisbon. Hugo had one last stop in mind, a cool bar located at the top of a parking garage. Let’s go!

Park Lisbon

The hip rooftop bar equipped with a nice garden terrace offered drinks with a view.

It was a great spot to chat, hang out, and end the night with a couple more drinks. Hugo gave me a taste of the energetic Lisbon nightlife. From the small authentic fado bars to a hidden rooftop bar hotspot, I had such a great time! Thank you, Hugo!

Lisbon Bar Hopping

Hugo walked me back to my apartment and it was finally time to get ready for bed. I couldn’t believe the amazing 24 hours I spent in Lisbon! I had an early flight to catch and tried my hardest to fall asleep, but I was still wired from the eventful day and excited for the rest of my trip. My next stop was Berlin!

Lisbon, Portugal

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