World’s Best Restaurants: Tim Raue

I promised myself that I would enjoy one special dinner in each city I visited during my most recent trip to Europe. Since I was going to Berlin, I made a reservation at Restaurant Tim Raue. Tucked within the inner courtyard of a random building in Mitte near Checkpoint Charlie, the stylish fine dining establishment serves creative Asian-inspired dishes.

The restaurant has earned two Michelin stars and came in at #37 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

I remember watching Chef Tim Raue on Season 3 of Chef’s Table on Netflix. I also remember thinking he was intense, passionate, and not the nicest guy. Yet there I was, eager to try his signature 6-course menu. After a pour of white wine, things began with an array of small plates that included pork belly.

The first dish was a refreshing Pomelo with crispy red onions, unripe and soured papaya, coconut water, coriander cream, lime jelly, green Thai chili, lettuce foam, and wasabi greens. That was followed by lovely Ikarimi Salmon with buttered stock of tomato and rice vinegar, tomato compote, and star anis.

Perhaps his most famous dish is the deep-fried Langoustine marinated with wasabi mayonnaise and coated with deep-fried green rice over a stock made with fish sauce, mango, and carrots. It was an interesting mix of textures and sweet and spicy flavors.

It was time to switch over to red wine.

I really enjoyed the Sate Chicken – pieces of grilled corn-fed chicken marinated in rice wine in a peanut broth with butter. It was served along with marinated red onions with mango and cucumber.

Next up was a nice piece of Veal with shiso, roasted black quinoa, and a Kamebishi soy jus with some pea puree and apple jelly.

In addition to the six courses, I decided to try the Perking Duck Interpretation. It showcased duck breast with crispy skin flavored with five spice, apple & leek, and jus of duck feet. The duck liver terrine  with pickled cucumber, ginger leek cream, and duck skin powder. The tasty soup had winter melon, bamboo mushroom, and duck liver, tongue, and stomach.

It was time to move away from the savory dishes and on to dessert.

Another major signature dish is the chocolate koi carp filled with cheesecake mousse and caramel beurre salé sauce along with yuzu sorbet, lemon jam, and lime cress leaves. Beautiful and delicious!

To conclude the meal, a few small bites were served including a bowl of chocolate truffles.

It was a solid dinner of creative dishes. Check, please!

Dinner at Tim Raue was quite enjoyable. I loved the presentation of the dishes and each one possessed nice flavor profiles. Service was superb. You may find similar restaurants in cities like Hong Kong or Bangkok, but there’s no doubt it’s a unique standout when it comes to Berlin’s food scene.

It was time to walk back to the hotel and get some sleep. I had a ticket for a professional handball game in the afternoon!

Checkpoint Charlie

Restaurant Tim Raue
Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26, 10969
Berlin, Germany
+49 30 25937930

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