Alternative Berlin’s Craft Beer Tour

After a great time at the pro handball game, it was time to explore some of Berlin’s bars, try local brews, and learn more about German beer culture. I booked the Craft Beer & German Beer Tour with Alternative Berlin because they offered the most tastings and stopped at the craft beer hotspots. The meeting point and first stop was a brewpub to meet fellow beer lovers and our guide, JR.

We walked around the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood. At our next stop we enjoyed a nice flight of German beers while learning about German brewing traditions.

I was with a great group of people! Our final stop was a cool bar with generous pours of select beers.

The tour concluded, but a few of us hung around and JR showed us a neat underground area where we enjoyed more beer.

The beer tour with Alternative Berlin was well worth it and JR was an awesome host. Thank you!

Berlin Beer Tour

Later that night I ended up going to Berlin’s most infamous sex clubs. I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would even get in, but managed to with a couple helpful tips from locals. It was wild! You must turn in your phone (and possibly take off your clothes) once you’re inside, no pics allowed! I actually lost track of time and ended up leaving after 6am. Oops! I had to have a doner kebab (seasoned meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie then thinly sliced) before heading back to the hotel. What a day!

Alternative Berlin
Craft Beer & German Beer Tour
Berlin, Germany
+49 162 81 98 264

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