Oysters and Fried Plaice at Restaurant Gabriel


I had a nice Michelin-starred Swedish dinner during my first night in Gothenburg, Sweden. The next day I was excited to check out a small seafood restaurant located inside the Feskekörka fish market.

The indoor fish and shellfish market has all kinds of seafood delicacies, and at one end of the market you’ll spot a set of stairs leading up to Restaurang Gabriel.

The tables and bar were full. It looked like I was gonna have to stand around and wait for a while, but one of the guys that worked there squeezed a chair at the end of the bar for me. Thanks! I ordered a local beer and tasty local oysters.

It was a great start to my seafood lunch. After half a dozen Swedish oysters, I switched to some white wine and ordered the fried plaice (a type of flounder) with mushrooms and brown butter. It was fantastic!

Lunch at Restaurang Gabriel was delicious. It was my first time having Swedish oysters and the fried plaice was super yummy. The staff was really nice too.

Restaurang Gabriel

Fried Plaice

As I left the fish market it started to drizzle, but it was a fairly short walk back to the hotel. Later that night I would enjoy one of Sweden’s most famous dishes!

Restaurang Gabriel
Feskekörka (Fish Market)
411 20 Göteborg, Sweden
+46 31 13 90 51

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