NHL Global Series Sweden: Edmonton Oilers vs New Jersey Devils

The National Hockey League decided to host a few international games to kick off the 2018-2019 season, so when they announced that the New Jersey Devils would be playing their season opener in Sweden, I knew I had to go!

On game day, I pregamed at a bar right across my hotel and met lots of hockey fans. It was so cool to meet Devils fans from around the world!

The game took place at the Scandinavium, an indoor arena located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Devils would be the home team against the Edmonton Oilers. In addition to international hockey fans, there were a number of friends and fans from New Jersey that went. Devils’ President, Hugh Weber, stopped by too. We all met up in front of the arena for some pics. Go Devils!

The place was absolutely packed. I took some time to walk around and watch the Devils warmup a bit.

The arena was on the smaller side with a seating capacity of a little over 12,000. I sat in the official Devils fans section a few rows in front of Patrick Elias! Prior to the faceoff, Martin Brodeur dropped the first puck. It was such a great time and the Devils ended up winning 5-2!

What an amazing experience! Will travel for hockey! My Euro Trip wasn’t over quite yet. The next morning I caught the train to Stockholm!

NHL Global Series

Valhallagatan 1
412 51 Göteborg, Sweden

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  1. Lael-Heart says:

    Oh Edmonton. Sucking all over the world. Ha Ha.
    We’re out of the layoffs and I’m feeling a wee bit bitter,lol


  2. Choi says:

    I used to be a big devils fan.
    Loved scott stevens and brodeur!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Desiree says:

      Nice! Very cool!🙂😈

      Liked by 1 person

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